How to download YouTube videos from own YouTube channel as an admin (YouTube Creator).

Download YouTube videos
Download YouTube videos
How to download YouTube videos from own YouTube channel as an admin (YouTube Creator)

As an admin (YouTube Creator) of the YouTube channel, you may have uploaded different videos on your YouTube channel and you might have not saved all the raw videos uploaded by you on the YouTube channel. It is better to save videos on the computer that you have uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Why you should save/keep/download your YouTube videos that you have uploaded to your YouTube channel?

  1. The main reason to download using this method is to keep your YouTube channel safe by complying with the YouTube terms and conditions. If you use any other method to download your own YouTube videos then you may be increasing watch time for the videos. As per YouTube terms and conditions you should not increase the watch time of your own video. If you watch your video yourself then you may face the penalty from the YouTube.

  1. Your YouTube channel may be disabled or deleted if you have not followed YouTube terms and conditions or YouTube community guidelines.

  1. There may be technical error/glitch at Google and on YouTube or only for some channels resulting in the video(s) or YouTube channel being deleted.

  1. The size of ‎the Video downloaded from YouTube is less than that of the raw videos you have uploaded for the same quality. So you can use this method to reduce the size of the YouTube videos maintaining the same quality.

Follow these instructions to save/keep/download your YouTube videos as YouTube Creator.

Log in to your YouTube account on which you have created the YouTube channel from which you want to download the video as YouTube Creator.

  1. Go to Creator Studio and then click on Video Manager on the top right.

  1. Scroll to the video you want to download and just below the title of the YouTube video you will find the Edit button and just right side of the edit button you will find the triangular drop-down menu.

  1. Click on the triangular drop-down menu and then you will find the Download MP4 tab. Click on Download MP4 to download your YouTube video.

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