How to use mistakenly scratched NTC mobile recharge card in which recharge card PIN is not readable

Recover NTC damaged,over scratched recharge card PIN
Recover NTC damaged, over scratched recharge card PIN
You might have mistakenly scratched the NTC recharge card in which the recharge PIN code is not readable?

There is nothing to worry about if you have done so. You can still use the NTC damaged recharge card but you may have to do a bit of effort to save yourself from the loss to recover the NTC damaged recharge card.

There are two sets of numbers in the NTC recharge card. One is a PIN code covered by black paint which you often scratch to recharge your mobile/sim. And another set of numbers is Serial Number (S. No.) generally found above the PIN code (shaded area) in the NTC recharge card.

There are two methods to recover NTC damaged/over scratched recharge card.

Method 1 (recommended)

This is the online recovery of the NTC damaged/over-scratched recharge card.

What information do you need to fill in to recover NTC damaged/over scratched recharge card?


1. SERVICE TYPE: (GSM/CDMA Prepaid, GSM/CDMA Postpaid, PSTN Postpaid, ADSL Prepaid)

2. SERVICE NUMBER: mobile number to be recharged

3. SERIAL NUMBER: The recharge card serial number is 16 digits long

4. PIN CODE: The recharge card pin code is 16 digits long and where not visible put the "*" mark.

Note: You need to provide the exact pin number with the exact position and use 'X' for the respective damage pin number. The retry will be allowed only Five (5) times, after that you need to visit Nepal Telecom's CSR counter.

Let's start to recover the recharge card. Visit NTC Recharge Card Damaged Form(click here) and fill out the form and click on the "Verify" button.

After visiting the link mentioned above that, you will find the form as shown below.

NTC Recharge Card Damaged Form
NTC Recharge Card Damaged Form
Method 2

All you need to do is call the NTC customer care center at 1498. After calling reach to customer care executive by punching the required extension as recommended by the automated voice. You will be able to talk to the customer care executive and then explain to them that you have mistakenly omitted the PIN code while scratching.

Further, they will guide you to recover the PIN code in the way as per their company rules. They may call you to visit yourself personally with the NTC damaged/over scratched recharge card to their office.

Finally, you will save from loss by recovering your PIN code.

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