Earn money online Using SerpClix. SerpClix ClickSense Add-ons/Extension Reviews.

Earn money online Using SerpClix. SerpClix ClickSense Add-ons/Extension Reviews.

If you want to earn money online easily then SerpClix can be one of the best options for you. This will not make you rich but you can make a little money easily. SerpClix is also known as SerpClix ClickSense and it's an addon that works on Firefox internet browser and Microsoft Edge internet browser.

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I have been using SerpClix to earn money for the past few months and I have been receiving payments regularly. See SerpClix earning proof below.
SerpClix earning proof

What you should do to earn money from SerpClix (SerpClix ClickSense)?
You will be given a search term and a website/blog name that should be searched on google and given website/blog should be found in the google search results/list. Additionally, you will be indicated that a particular website is on a particular page. You will keep on searching and moving to next page search results on the google and finally when website/blog which should be clicked is in the google search results/list then you will see "Go" indication on the SerpClix addon and also colored title for the particular website in the google search results. And finally, you need to click on that particular website and countdown time will run in SerpClix addon and finally, your click will be accepted and you will be paid depending on the country you belong to.

How will you be paid?
Currently, SerpClix provides only one mode of payment which is PayPal. You can withdraw your earning via PayPal.

When will you be paid?
Earnings are paid out at the beginning of each month for earnings during the previous month for any accounts that have earned at least $5.00.

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