How to choose domain registrar

How to choose domain registrar
How to choose domain registrar?
How to choose domain registrar. Choose the best domain registrar.
People are using a website/blog to express themselves online either to express personal or for the business in this advanced age of technology. Currently, an online presence is an effective mode either to express themselves or grow the business through the online presence. If you are planning to start a successful blog/website then it's important to think and make wise decisions before choosing a domain registrar.

Buying a domain and creating a website can be one of the best ways to serve information on the Internet. Financially, one can buy a domain at a cheaper price depending on the domain registrar.

There are many domain registrars that allow buying a domain as per your need and the price of a domain varies from one registrar to another. It may be quite costly for you to buy a domain if you don't have knowledge about the domain prices of different domain registrar. If you are getting a domain at $ 0.99 for the first year doesn't mean that you are lucky to get at such low price or domain registrar is selling at a low price and serving the society. Yes, it is perfectly fine to say that domain cost for the first year is low/cheaper but, you have to think beyond that while buying a domain.

Suppose a domain registrar charges you $ 0.99 for the first year and then charges $ 17 for the subsequent years and let us suppose second domain registrar charges you $ 8 for the first year and $ 9 for the second year, then it is obvious that second domain registrar is cheaper than the first one.
Choosing the best domain registrar can be easy if you consider these factors/things/points.

  1. Price of the domain registrar for the first year and subsequent years
  2. Uptime
  3. Support team, customer care
  4. ICANN Accreditation
  5. Past Upsell trendsRenewal Upcharges, Service Upsells
  6. Payment Modes
  7. Hidden charges
  8. Privacy protection
  9. Domain registrar transferability

  1. Price of the domain registrar for the first year and subsequent years: - First of all it's you who should make a plan and decide how long you are going to use the particular domain. If it is just for 1 year then you can choose the domain registrar who allows you to buy at a low price for the first year, so that you can use it for a period of one year or less and don't care about subsequent years. And yes, if you need the same domain for the subsequent years too then you can buy for an additional period too. But, if you are planning to use a domain for a longer period than 1 year then you should check the subsequent year charges too, i.e. domain renewal charges. It's better to choose the registrar which doesn’t charge a lot for the renewal charges and the renewal charges should be at competitive rates.
  1. Uptime: - Uptime means the percentage of the period during which the domain was working perfectly. The more is the uptime the better is the domain registrar and is better for you too. Suppose the total period of consideration is 100 hours and if uptime is 99% then it can be said that the domain was working well for 99 hours and for the rest 1 hour there were some issues on the domain from the registrar end. So, uptime is one of the important factors to be considered while purchasing the domain from a registrar. It is worthless if you have bought a cheap domain and its uptime is low which makes visitors annoyed and your search engine rankings drop-down resulting in low-quality domain/website/blog. So, try to find the trustable reviews about that particular domain registrar so that you can know the uptime of that particular domain registrar.

  1. Support team, customer care: - You maybe tech-savvy or a newbie in the tech field, whatever you are up too, you may be in need of support from the domain registrar so that you can resolve the problems that may arise after buying a domain. If there is no support or delay in support beyond tolerable period then you may have to suffer different problems or financial loss that may arise from the domain technical issues which result from the unavailability of website/blog for the visitors. So, gain knowledge about how responsive is the support team.
  1. ICANN Accreditation: - ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the regulatory authority of domain registrars and if domain registrar is accredited to the ICANN then that particular domain registrar should abide the terms and conditions and policies of the ICANN so the quality of service of domain registrar accredited to ICANN is high compared to the non-accredited domain registrar. ICANN helps in creating a friendly environment between a domain registrar and domain owners like us. Additionally, if a particular domain registrar doesn't play fair with their customers then you have the rights to put a complaint against that domain registrar to the ICANN. So, ICANN accredited domain registrar has to be fair to their customers to comply with ICANN terms and conditions. And if you are not satisfied with the current domain registrar then you have the right to switch/change the current domain registrar.

  1. Past Upsell trends, Renewal Upcharges, Service Upsells: - Guess you have bought a domain and its renewal charges increase beyond a considerable amount. Definitely, you will be annoyed to pay higher renewal charges if the competitive price of domain renewal is very low compared to your domain renewal charges. So, it is wise to check the past Upsell trends that particular domain registrar is following and choose that domain registrar who changes price which is acceptable and is at a competitive price.

  1. Payment modes: - It's worthless to know about the domain registrar which has the payment modes which are not available to you. I mean suppose domain registrar allows only credit/debit card payments and you don't have cards compatible for the payment then it's worthless to know about that domain registrar unless you can arrange for the compatible card. So first look for the payment modes available with you and the payment modes available at the domain registrar portal/site.
  1. Hidden charges: - A wise person is one who can dig out the hidden price/cost which is tried to keep unnoticeable by the domain registrar to the buyers of the domain. You may get a cheap domain but what if hidden prices are so high.

  1. WHOIS Privacy protection: - WHOIS Privacy protection means the information's of the domain owner will be hidden and will not be published on the internet publicly. If you have not enabled the WHOIS Privacy protection than everyone willing to know about the owner of the domain can view the details of the domain owner as provided during buying the domain. There are few domain registrars which gives you free privacy protection for a lifetime when you buy the domain and you have the option to enable or disable privacy protection and rest of the charges on annual basis and generally, it's price ranges from $5 to $15 per year. So, it will be better to choose the free WHOIS Privacy protection registrar.

  1. Domain registrar transferability: - Suppose you have purchased a domain and some other domain registrar is offering better domain services or charging low compared to the current domain registrar, then you will be willing to use the domain registrar which is best for you and if your current domain registrar offers you domain transfer service then you can switch to another domain registrar. So, it is important to check the domain transfer services available for the particular domain registrar.

I hope you will be able to choose the best domain registrar.

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