How to take loan in Ncell. How to take Ncell Saapati

How to take loan in Ncell. How to take Ncell Saapati

It has been 5 years since Ncell have started Ncell Saapati service and on the occasion of 5 years of Ncell Saapati, prepaid customers are being offered with a new service called "double saapati". You can avail this service by dialing *9988# when your current balance is less than or equal to Rs. 5.

How to take loan in Ncell. How to take Ncell Saapati
How to take loan in Ncell. How to take Ncell Saapati

The received Saapati amount will be added to the main balance and customer can use it as main balance and you can call, send SMS to any network or use it for mobile internet   and as well as for other services. The amount has no expiry date.

This service is only available for prepaid customers who have been using their Ncell SIM for two months or more when their balance reduces to Rs. 5 or less. When the customer recharges, along with the loan Rs. 40, a service fee of Rs. 2* (exclusive of taxes) will be deducted from the new balance. If the recharged amount is less than Rs. 40, the entire balance will be deducted and the remaining credit and service tax shall be deducted upon the next recharge. Customer can enjoy incoming service even if s/he does not recharge the balance after using the service but s/he will not be able to request for another Saapati until the previous credits/loan/saapati is cleared.

* charges mentioned above are exclusive of taxes

Calculation of Ncell Loan/Saapti considering/including tax/charges

Note:  You will get Rs. 40 as a loan and you have to pay Rs. 42.55
Extra Paid: Rs. 42.55  - Rs. 40 = Rs. 2.55
How to take/activate Ncell Saapti/Loan Service?

  • dial *9988# and you will be notified when you get loan/saapati successfully OR

  • send blank SMS to 9988 for the Sapati/Loan service.

How to know Ncell loan/Saapti amount

  • To know the remaining sapati amount, dial *901#.

To know more information about the Ncell Sapati/Loan offer, dial 9988.

Customer can avail this service anytime and as many times as one wishes but to do so one must have cleared the previous credit and service fee before requesting for another Saapati/Loan recharge.

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